Paris, 1750

This is the beginning of a time of change in France. The enlightenment has arrived and all kinds of scientific knowledge has started to be found out. In Salons around Paris, the brightest minds of the day gather together and discuss the newest ideas. In the coffee houses of Paris, they begin to dream of a collection of all knowledge that they shall call an encyclopedia. For the aristocracy, life is very good. Money is rolling in, and the parties never stop coming. For the peasants though, life has a very different story. While the intellectual elite are sure that monsters can’t exist, the common man on the street knows quite different.

Themes and Threats

1. The City with Two Faces – Depending on who you are and what station you are born into, life in Paris can be a very different thing.

2. La Bon Vie – The aristocracy is living it up. The intellectuals are meeting in the coffee houses and the salons to discuss the big ideas of the day. House de Wraith is throwing all the best parties at night, and everyone is living it up.

3. Balance is Shifting – The peasants are starting to get fed up with the way things are. The philosophical ideals created by the enlightenment are showing the people that there should be a better way. House de Wraith has been in charge so long that they are becoming complacent. Something horrible has found it’s way into Paris. The monsters are starting to get into the city. This is a dangerous time to be in Paris.

Game System Changes

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La Bon Vie

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