La Bon Vie

What We Seem, pt. 3
Ransom Letter

Over the course of the night, Gene hooks Leyden jars together, wrapping them up individually in leather, to form crude batteries that she can use, along with this idea Ben Franklin gave her called a filament, to make a light to detect wizards.

Celeste and Joscelin go back to the Verreuil family camp at Cours La Reine for the night.

Phillipe goes home for the evening, but gets an early start the next day. He stops in at the Gendarmerie to tell Jean-Pierre to let him know if anything strange happens around the city. He then heads to the Verreuil camp to meet up with everyone else.

Before Gene or Phillipe can arrive at the camp, an urchin boy by the name of Michel arrives bearing a ransom note. The note demands that a member of the Verreuil family bring 10,000 gold coins to a chapel north of the city at midnight. That person should come alone if they ever want to see the kid again.

Joscelin and Celeste quickly bribe Michel to stay around for a few minutes, and just about the time they finish reading the letter, Phillipe and Gene arrive. They feed Michel and listen to her tale.

She weaves a tale of being woken up by a sound coming from near their camp in the sewers. When he went to investigate, he heard a voice tell him not to come any closer. The voice offered him money to deliver a letter to the Verreil family at Cours la Reine. Michel quickly came around the corner to get the letter and the money, but saw no traces of anyone around.

The crew ask to come and see Michel’s camp. Michel agrees as long as they will buy some food for the other homeless kids.

7:45 AM – Follow Michel to her hideout in the Felicite Sewers, stopping in the market district to pick up some food first. While everyone else goes to get food, Gene heads to Le Procope to go see Aubert Martineau, a local expert on handwriting. The expert believes the writing to belong to a male from the Parisian countryside.

While in the market, Joscelin notices a glass shop

8:10 – Meet back at the cafe and head to glass shop

8:15 – Monceaux Verrerie – Run by Heloise Monceaux and her husband Tristan. They have jars just like the one found at the ritual scene. Conversation reveals that a slightly overweight, well dressed gentleman in a wig recently purchased several of these jars.

8:35 – Arrive in the Felicite Sewers, but find nothing of importance.

8:50 – Leave for Delphine’s

9:10 – Arrive at Delphine’s

End session three

What We Seem, pt. 2
"Nate is a supercillious douche"
The Q&A with Nathanial Hawtry continues. He tells them about the generals of magic circles and how anyone can do them. By making a circle and willing it closed with a touch of blood, the person can protect themselves from magic and magical creatures. If, however, Joscelin were to get trapped in one while changed, he would change back to human and couldn’t change back until getting out of the circle or breaking the circle.

Anything capable of will can break a circle by an act of will. An insect flying through the circle at an inopportune time could prove costly, but circles can’t be beat as a way to trap magical creatures.

Be careful of any kind of bodily sample. Your blood and hair can be used against you.

Gene, Phillipe, Celeste, and Joscelin all try to ask Nathanial questions but he blows their questions off. When Gene says she can handle herself, Nathanial responds that he hasn’t seen that for himself. When the group want to help go look into the magical side of things, Nathanial dismisses them and sends them to look into the mundane clues.

Around 10:15 Nathanial heads off to talk to his contacts around the city. Phillipe decides to do the same. That keeps him occupied until 1:30 in the morning, at which point he goes home and goes to bed.

10:30 – Joscelin finds the scent of the sorcerer and is able to follow it most of the way back to the road before it gets lost is a jumble of smells.

10:45 – Head back to the gala at Chateau Wraith.

11:00 – Get back to party. Joscelin tells his father Andre Verreuil about everything that they learned. Andre hears their tale and then backs up Nathanial, saying that Nathanial owes him a large favor anyway and that they can trust him to get their backs. Andre also explains what little he knows about wizards. Which is only what he has ever been able to pry out of Nathanial. He does know that they have unusually long lifespans, that most of them tend to carry some kind of focus item that they use to help control their magic, and that for some reason their presence seems to screw up reactions and processes. Milk curdles around strong magic, their presence could also short out one of Gene’s Layden jars.

end second session

Very Few of Us Are What We Seem
Fantastic feast followed by tragedy

In the week prior to the start of the story, Andre Verreuil, Genevieve “Gene” Moreau, and Phillipe Berard receive invitations to Duke Chretien Wraith’s annual Fall Feast. The feast is a big event every year as it is the main event held by the Duke that is not a family affair. This is the Duke’s opportunity to thank everyone for things they have done for him. Because it’s the Duke’s big gala, there tends to be a lot of nobility and aristocracy from even the surrounding countries that attend this soiree. Many a person has made themselves a reputation at one of these parties, although not all of them made the reputation they wished to.

Phillipe asks Celeste Wraith to accompany him to the gala. Where as Celeste’s father is not comfortable with his daughter attending, he knows this is a big event and eventually relents and allows his daughter to attend. Gene uses the week to design a new hairpiece for herself. The hairpiece is designed to look like a ship, and the ships cannon actually works and is good for one shot.

September 22, 1750

5:10 PM – Phillipe, Celeste, Gene, and Joscelin arrive at Wraith Manor to see a gigantic spectacle. There are valets outside taking care of carriages, and footmen waiting to help the guests unpack themselves to get into the party. They look around and see nobility from all over, as well as some of the more well known figures around the city. Capt. Sabat is there, as well as Cardinal Latourelle and Pere and Soeur Reindeau. As well as the extravagant dresses and hairpieces, there are people there in older, second-hand finery. Where as people tended to stay in class groups around the party, it is amazing to see them together at the same event.

They enter the party and make their way into the reception area to have themselves announced. When they arrive, they see Duke Wraith in deep conversation with three other men. The first they all know as Joscelin’s father Andre Verreuil, the second is a gentleman that Gene has seen before at Le Procope but doesn’t actually know, and the third gentleman is dressed in a decidedly Brittish fashion. As the group approaches the Duke, they overhear the gentleman say in university perfect Parisian French with a London accent, “If you can’t help me with why I’m here, I’ll just ask that you stay out of my way and let me take care of my business.”

The Duke spots the group approaching and breaks up the conversation by turning and introducing the group to his guests. The Brittish gentleman is named Nathanial Hawtry and is a scholar at Oxford University studying electricity in particular, and science in general. The other gentleman is introduced as Athanase Cheuvront. Athanase says very little, merely being very polite while introductions are made.

There is some polite exchange while the Duke tells Nathanial about Gene recreating Ben Franklin’s experiment with the kite and the key. During the conversation, Joscelin and Celeste both notice Nathanial’s walking stick. The stick has been made rather then bought and is slightly gnarled. Carved all over it’s surface are small intricate runes and arcane symbols, but nothing they recognize.

After cocktails are finished, everyone moves into the formal hall for dining. The party are all sat at the main table, near Duke Wraith. Celeste winds up sitting next to one of her cousins, Delphine Lachapelle. Delphine is only 14 years old and is very excited to see her favorite cousin. The whole diner Delphine just talks Celeste’s ear off. Celeste doesn’t pay much attention to Delphine’s chatter, but Curiosity Killed the Cat, and Celeste managed to hear Delphine’s story about a strange cat that had been out on the wall around her house. Delphine remembers the cat because every time she went near a window, she could see the cat watching her. The cat is a fairly normal tabby cat, but has incredible emerald green eyes. She begs Celeste to bring her friends to look into it.

9:00 PM – Other then the request for Celeste’s help, diner is otherwise uneventful. After desert, nearly time for dancing, a servant comes rushing in to speak with Andre Verreuil. After telling Andre what he needs to know, Andre asks Duke Wraith, Nathanial, and Joscelin to accompany him to the drawing room nearby.

He informs them that while he and his three wives enjoyed Duke Wraith’s hospitality, someone stole into the Verreuil camp at Cours La Reine and took the youngest child that was around. Laurent Verreuil is 3 years old and is the youngest member of the family old enough to walk. Andre asks Joscelin to get Gene, Phillipe, and Celeste to go with him to the camp as he has heard that Gene is the best person you can send to a crime scene. He asks Nathanial to accompany them as well. He tells Joscelin that he will go to his contacts and see what he can learn.

Joscelin grabs everyone else, who then ask Duke Wraith if they could possibly borrow some clothes as the formal attire isn’t suited to investigation work. He allows them access to the wardrobes where they are able to find more suitable attire.

9:30 PM – The party finishes changing and heads toward the Verreuil family camp at le cours de la Rhine. On the way, the party tries to learn more about Nathanial, who is not very forthcoming with any knowledge that he might have. They find it quite interesting that Andre would have sent Nathanial with them.

9:45 PM – The party arrives at the Verreuil family camp to find that the only people there are Guy, who had been left in charge while all the adults were at the party, 10 year old Alaina, and 6 year old Frederic. Guy was inside preparing dinner for the younger ones, while he let them go out and play.

Phillipe and Joscelin stay inside to talk to the kids while Gene and Celeste go outside to look for evidence. Nathanial goes outside with the girls.

Phillipe and Joscelin start by talking to Guy. Guy changed to try to find Laurent after he disappeared, but Laurent’s scent just vanished at the place he was playing. He had been inside and didn’t realize that anything had happened till he went to feed the kids. Frederic and Alaina had been playing off in the trees a distance away, but Laurent was scared to go out into the trees, so he stayed by the camp to play. They heard him playing, but then the sound just stopped. They didn’t think anything of it until Guy started calling for them and Laurent wasn’t around.

Gene goes out and investigates where Laurent was playing. His tracks are easily visible around where he was playing, but there are no tracks leaving the area. After a while, she is able to find signs of movement in the grass, but no real tracks. She follows the signs of movement away from the camp and into the woods on the other side of the path. She is able to continue tracking the faint trail all the way to a circle she finds. The circle is approximately 3 feet in diameter. At the north most point inside the circle there is a dead field mouse. Some killed it with a knife. At the west most point is an empty glass jar, with stopper. At the south most point is some very soft padding. At the east most point is a blindfold.

Upon further search of the area with the circle, Gene is able to discover a smudge on the outside of the jar where someone had grabbed it with their bare hands. She also finds a red silk fiber, and a size 8 boot print with a foreign soil sample in it. Gene takes a particular interest in the glass jar. The jar is approx one quart in size. Quality workmanship and the glass is clear and without major imperfections. It appears to be brand new as there are no residues inside the jar at all, or on the stopper. The stopper is made of cork and is unadorned with anything decorative. It is just a piece of cork that fits into the jar. Gene feels confidant that if she found other samples, she cold recognize the workmanship.

Once Phillipe and Joscelin have rejoined Gene, Celeste, and Nathanial at the scene, Phillipe comments that if he didn’t know any better, he would say that this was magic. Nathanial finally decides to tell them why he was sent with them.

“That would be because this was done by magic, and not by someone who is very good at it. The man apparently used a type of spell we refer to as a veil. He apparently used some sort of ritual, suggesting that he isn’t capable of true thamaturgy. I dare say I could have pulled off the same effect with much less effort.”

After this man’s admission that magic is real, and that he himself was capable of magic, Gene immediately starts in with questions. After Nathanial explains to her that magic is highly dependent of the person using it, Gene states that if the effect is repeatable, then magic is just another form of science.

End first session

Game is Afoot, part 7
Time for a choice

The group has a long discussion about Joscelin’s loyalties. They also discuss the facts that they have just learned. Joscelin finally begins to answer Gene and Phillipe’s questions truthfully. They discuss their options and how they feel about the Wraiths and the Dumonds.

Eventually Pierre Dumond comes back in. He starts to question the group, but when Joscelin opens his mouth Pierre comes over and kicks over his chair. He puts his foot down on Joscelin’s neck and asks Joscelin why he should trust him. Joscelin replies that he should not.

After a lot of discussion and convincing by Joscelin, Pierre decides that the PCs won’t tell the Wraiths about him. As a potential solution to the problem, Pierre offers the PCs the killer to turn into the police. This will appease everyone involved and allow the Dumonds to continue to build their own power base in the city. The PCs have decided not to side with either of the families at this point.

I need to get my description of the prisoner to put here, I can’t remember anything past he was barely alive.

End of Story One – PC’s each awarded with one skill point. First Additional Skill Points

Game is Afoot, part 6
Locked in the Basement

Baldie informs his brother that the group has an animal with them. Jocelin retorts, “The same could be said about you!”, and promptly turns into a rather large wolverine. Gene and Phillipe are both throw off for a moment but recover quickly.

Gene starts pushing Baldie’s buttons, insulting his manliness and taking advantage of the fact that he is still Seeing Red. This succeeds in making Baldie Extremely Focused on Gene. Phillipe uses his distracted state and the Low Lighting in the area to make his attack. Unfortunately Baldie is Built Like A Bear and shrugs off Phillipe’s attack.

Goatee faces off with Joscelin in beast form. Joscelin is Not Easily Impressed but Goatee still does his Sword Fighting with Style and Grace causing Joscelin to begin Dodging Sword Strokes.
While Joscelin is trying to avoid losing anything vital, the youngest brother sneaks up behind and hits him with a rather large stick. Joscelin gets the wind knocked out of him a bit.

Baldie is still focused in on Gene, and he comes after her blindly. She successfully blocks with her rapier and turns the attack against him. He takes a good hit and staggers back a bit.

Joscelin rushes at goatee, he can’t get out of the way quick enough and gets knocked Ass Over Teakettle.

Phillipe tries to get Baldie with his truncheon again, but Baldie is easily able to dodge out of the way.

Goatee uses his turn to get up.

The younger brother comes after Phillipe and gets him Tied Up Fighting.

Baldie tries to blind swing at Gene again, but Gene is still ready for him. She turns his energy against him and plunges her Sword Into His Shoulder. He’s taken a sever injury and doesn’t seem to be doing too well. Goatee looks concerned and yells out, “Mainard!”

Joscelin notices Baldie swaying on his feet and comes after him. He bum rushes Baldie and knocks him right out. At this point, Phillipe looks over at Goatee and Young’un and says, “We didn’t come here for a fight.”

Goatee asks, “Why did you attack us, come after us on our own home ground? Why did the Wraith’s send you?”

Gene and Phillipe are genuinely confused by this statement, and proceed to explain why they are there. Goatee tells them that they should speak with their father. Goatee and younger brother gather up Mainard and take everyone to the Dumond Tavern. The crew is lead downstairs into a hidden area.

The place seems to be set up to give someone a place to stay for a while. There is plenty of food and water stored in the basement, as well as a simple bed. The brothers escort the group down into the basement, and put their older brother up onto the bed.

The father comes down, dressed in nice but simple clothing. He looks like a fairly well to do merchant. He introduces himself as Pierre Dumond, and introduces his three sons, Mainard(Baldie), Adnot(Goatee), and Gahariet(Youngest brother).

“You must be the young detective Berard that I’ve heard so much about. No doubt the young lady would be Gene Moreau. Any you’re working with a Verreuil. Do you know what the Wraith’s are, to be sending you on their errands like this?”

Pierre explains about vampires for Gene and Phillipe, telling them that there are three major kinds. The Wraith family and the Dumond family are both White Court vampires. Pierre explains that they don’t feed off of blood, but off of emotions. That WCV can easily feed without killing their victims. The victims actually enjoy it. The Wraith’s feed off of lust, and the Dumond’s feed off of despair. Gene proceeds to ask a million questions about vampires, but the rest of the group tell her there will be time for that later.

Pierre tries to convince the group that they should help with the fight against the Wraith family. He explains that during the 100 years war, his family gained the Wraith’s displeasure and were hunted nearly to extinction. Some of them managed to escape, but now Pierre and his boys are all that is left of the Dumond family. Now the Wraith family is spreading their filth and corruption through Paris, trying to even control the top levels of government.

After questioning Pierre, the group ask for some time to confer among themselves. Pierre agrees, but only on the condition that the Verreuil be tied up. After arguing for a moment, they agree to allow Joscelin to be tied up.

The group begins to discuss their options.
End session 6

Game is Afoot, part 5
Celeste's father enters.... Oh God

While Joscelin is busy with Baldie, Phillipe and Gene see one of the skinny Lorettes from the area starting to make a break away. Phillipe is trying to get the situation under control and asks Gene to follow the girl. Gene follows her as she sneaks down the backstreets toward her goal, but when the Lorette spots Gene she takes off. Gene tries to give pursuit, by the girl manages to lose her.

Joscelin declares that he has clothing stashes all over the city for events such as this and proceeds to get dressed. He slings Baldie up over his shoulder and tries his best to sneak back holding an unconscious person.

In the meantime, Celeste’s father enters,-comes-, knocks at the door and asks for audience. He asks her how things are going, and they talk about Phillipe and the investigation. He asks her why the Duke invited her over for dinner, and seems quite upset. Celeste tells her father the whole story about the Duke’s diner. The Marquis tells her to send Joscelin to him when she see’s him.

Back on the Rue d’Alembert, Joscelin is arriving back at the park with Baldie over his shoulder. He attempts to get Phillipe and Gene’s attention, but manages to alert everyone around to his presence. They see another girl try to get away, so Joscelin drops Baldie and chases after the lorette. He manages to keep himself hidden and watches her walk into the back door of Dumond Tavern. He turns around and heads back to the group.

While Joscelin follows the lorette, Gene goes over to investigate Baldie. She finds that he is dressed in nice new fitted clothing, and he has a big pocket full of money. On his finger is a rings with a large D on the side of it, and a bright red stone.

As they investigate, Baldie comes to his senses. He begins to thrash around a bit, but then he just stretches and rips his way right through the ropes he is bonded with. He throws himself a Gene’s feet, but misses. Joscelin comes over to hold him down, but gets pushed off. Phillipe comes at him with his truncheon, but misses.

Two guys come running from the direction of the Tavern. The first is dressed in all black, has a goatee, and is carrying a rapier. The other one is younger then Baldie or Goatee, and he looks tough. He just looks like one of those people who know how to take a beating. They yell out,“What are you doing to our brother!” Their skin suddenly becomes more pale, and their eyes lighten up to a nearly luminous grey. (sorry, gave wrong description during play, this is correct)With inhuman speed the two brothers zip over to where Baldie is and help him up.

End session 5

End Part 5

Game is Afoot pt. 4
The Poor Side of Town

After finishing dinner and having post dinner drinks at the Chateau Wraith, the party heads out to investigate the bald guy that Gene saw at the Rue d’Alembert earlier in the night. Seeing as it is 8:30 PM and they are going to potential danger, the group first decides to drop Celeste off at her house.

When Celeste arrives at home she is soon visited by her brother Nicolas who warns her that their family is more then it appears. If she should encounter something strange and beyond belief, she should trust her eyes and believe the impossible. The warning is cryptic, but Celeste knows that Nicolas is already saying much more then he should. Nicolas did at least warn her that Duke Chretien Wraith was the one who put Phillipe Berard on the case.

In the meantime Phillipe, Joscelin, and Gene all head to the Rue d’Alembert to find the bald pimp from Gene’s earlier trip. When they get down to the area where the girls were, they see the same bald guy sitting in the park collecting the money.

Phillipe decides to take the offensive. He comes in shouting at the guy, asking him where his permit is. Shaken up a bit, Baldie tries to get up in Phillipe’s face and back him down and Phillipe shakes him off. Gene takes a good look at Baldie and determines that he has no weapons on him. She ensure that Phillipe and Joscelin know that the perp is unarmed. Jocelin takes up a position behind Phillipe, ensuring that the perp knows Where Danger Is.

Phillipe uses this to his advantage, as well as the fact that he is alway an Unwelcome Visitor to keep on the offensive about the permit. Baldie is beginning to look a bit stressed out. He steps back into Phillipe’s face, raising to his full height and tensing up for the hit. Phillipe becomes Visibly Scared.

Gene has been studying the ruffian for a while and comes to the realization that he is Physically Abusive. She makes sure that Joscelin knows, understanding that this will cause the inner bodyguard in Joscelin to rage.

Her plan works perfectly. Joscelin’s stance becomes much more agressive, causing Baldie to start Seeing Red. Phillipe sees the perfect opportunity to switch gears, and goes directly to Good Cop. He comes up to Baldie apologetically, explaining that he is just trying to do his job, and he knows that Baldie is just trying to do his. He apologizes again for the problem and the inconvenience, then telling Baldie that he will come back tomorrow, just make sure he has his permit before then.

Baldie buy in. When it looks like Phillipe and crew are heading off, Baldie starts to head toward his bosses to report the trouble.

Joscelin is keeping a watchful eye. When Baldie dips out of sight, he motions for the two of them to wait for him, and he tracks off to follow Baldie. Unfortunately, the drinks at Chateau Wraith caught up to Joscelin, because Baldie got a sense of him and started moving in another direction.

Joscelin uses the chance away from everyone else to turn into animal form and track Baldie. He takes off after Baldie, but gets moving a little too fast and is spotted. Baldie doesn’t know what to make of the rather large wolverine following him, but he keeps moving like the animal isn’t there. Once he has gotten over a couple of streets, he once again notices the wolverine following him, and decides to give it a good kick.

When he comes in, Joscelin tries to jump out of the way and escape. Baldie is able to block Joscelin in, and then come in and grab the wolverine in front of him, getting it In His Grasp. Once Joscelin is in close he uses it to his advantage. He twists his body weight, forcing Baldie’s head to impact violently with the ground, knocking him out.

Jocelin now has a choice. He could reveal to Phillipe and Gene that he is a were-wolverine as an explanation for his nakedness. He can wait for the pimp to wake up, and question him on his own. Or he can wait for the pimp to wake up, then attempt to follow him again. There are also other possible courses of action that could be determined. End session 4.

Game is Afoot pt. 3
Dinner Party

After a through search of Gerard Millon‘s apartment, the party found the Journal of Gerard Millon. After a read through, Gene isn’t sure she trusts Gerard’s observation of Olivia’s transformation. Joscelin Verreuil also seems to know more about what’s going on then he is letting on, but that is par for the course.

The group decides to head down to the Rue de Felicite to talk to Oncle and Taunte. When they arrive, Taunte is around, but they don’t see any girls working the street. As Taunte explains that people have been coming by and threatening the girls if they didn’t stop working, Oncle comes up and has recently taken a beating. He explains that he held his ground against the guys that had been threatening people. Taunte tells the group that some of the girls are staying at Saint Roch to wait out the trouble and see if they can stay. Quite a few girls around the city, not just from the Rue de Felicite, have also left Paris entirely. Oncle and Taunte are also aware of rumors that some skinny, cheap looking girls have started working down at the Rue d’Alembert.

As the party starts out toward the Rue d’Alembert, they are soon intercepted by a messenger. The messenger delivers them an invitation to a formal diner with the Duke Chretien Wraith, drinks served at 6:30. Celeste gets quite excited about the opportunity to dress up her new potential boyfriend, and the group immediately goes to the nearby market district to buy some new clothing.

Where as Celeste, Gene, and Joscelin are able to quickly find clothing they like to wear to the dinner, they all delight in taking extra time making Phillipe constantly change clothes until they find an outfit they can all agree on. They have the clothing sent to the Chateau Wraith to wait for their arrival. (Celeste’s resources are so superb (get it, meta-game joke!) that the clothes shops drop everything else for her business)

Joscelin and Celeste go back to Celeste’s house to give Phillipe a basic course in manners and fine dining etiquette. This does not go very well.

In the meantime, Gene goes to get preliminary observations on the Rue d’Alembert situation. When she gets there she finds a nice place to hide and watch the goings on. What she notices is that the girls don’t seem to be charging more for their services, which strikes her as suspicious. These girls have a corner on the market and she believes that if this was about money, they could charge a lot more. The girls also aren’t behaving in any strange ways. They act like normal Lorettes even if desperate a bit. She also notices that the girls are bringing their money to a big, bald guy that is sitting nearby. She then has to leave to make dinner on time.

During drinks the party meets the Duke’s family. His wife Adelle, two of his daughters, Olivia and , as well as ‘s husband and two children. The Duke explains that his other daughter is away in London currently. As the assembled group sip’s on their drinks, the duke starts chit-chat with the party. He first addresses Celeste and Joscelin, as she is a member of the extended family and he is part of the family staff. After talking to them about life in the manor, he turns to Phillipe and starts to ask him about his current case. With very little prompting, Phillipe begins to tell the Lord of the White Court every thing he knows about the investigation. Fortunately Phillipe knew nothing about the details of Gene’s earlier adventure. The rest of the conversation continued pleasantly, with the Duke showing a lot of interest in Gene’s criminology work, and Gene showing a lot of interest in the Duke. “You have such a beautiful… mind.”
end pt. 3

The Game is Afoot
Pilot Episode

June 1, 1750

On a beautiful wednesday morning, Phillipe Berard gets up for another day at work. When he arrives he discovers pandemonium, the lobby is packed with rich people who are yelling at the poor clerk, Jean-Pierre Evard. Jean-Pierre informs Phillipe that Captain Sabat needs too speak with him now.

Phillipe arrives in the Captain’s office and immediately gets laid into. The Captain is pissed and he is taking it out on Phillipe. It seems that a body has been found on the Rue Charlemagne and the elite are not very happy about the idea of vagabonds in their neighborhood. The Captain has decided that Phillipe is getting the case, and that he is also willing to pay Genevieve “Gene” Moreau if she would be willing to come help in the investigation.

Phillipe arrives at Le Procope to find Gene. When he gets there, Gene is busy in a spirited discussion with a so called intellectual about the properties of electricity. When Phillipe finally interrupts the discussion, the man looks quite relieved to have Gene’s attention elsewhere. When he tells her of the mystery to be solved, she becomes quite interested and heads off with him.

In the meantime, at the house of Celeste Wraith, the young Wraith lady looks out her window at the commotion going on at the Rue Charlemagne and wonders what’s happening. Her friend and protector, Joscelin Verreuil, suggests that they might want to go and check it out. They might see the inspector that she has taken a liking to there.

When Gene and Phillipe arrive at the crime scene, in an alley leading off the Rue, they see the richest rabble that anyone has ever seen. Even the rich folks want to come get a look at the murder scene, it’s free entertainment. Holding the rabble from the crime-scene are three officers. The officers recognize Phillipe and let him and Gene in to investigate.

Over the course of their investigation, they discover a few things. There are only tracks for two men, the first came in and found a hiding spot from the Rue Charlemagne side. The second came in from the other direction, when it came up to the first spot the man hiding ambushed the victim and slit his throat. The body is dressed in nicer clothing, but the clothing isn’t fitted, suggesting that it was purchased second hand. The clothing also seems gaudy. The victim is also wearing costume jewelry. The victim is carrying a well used sword and dagger, as well as a key and 200 gold coins. On further inspection, they realize the man has beaten and banged up hands like a fighter, but his face doesn’t look like it has seen nearly as much action as his hands. The victim has no type of identification.

Phillipe tries to speak with the crowd while Gene investigates the crime scene. The rich crowd doesn’t like the inspector very much and begin berating him. While they are verbally assaulting Phillipe, young Celeste Wraith show up and makes the people feel bad for not helping the officer with his investigation. As a result, some of the crowd become willing to talk to Phillipe and tell him that the vicim had been seen before around the neighborhood and around the market with different pretty girls. Celeste draws a picture of the victim for the investigators to use.

Phillipe goes off to check with his contacts to learn what he can about the victim. While he checks in with his contacts, the rest of the crew go to the market to do the same thing. They are all able to quickly and separately discover that the victim is a pimp named Gerard. Celeste, Gene, and Joscelin all run into Phillipe at the market and compare notes.

As they go to leave the market, they are jumped by three thugs. The head thug tells them to back off their investigation. (End of Session One during battle)During the ensuing battle Phillipe is able to bloody one of the thug’s noses, but one of the thugs is able to score a hit on his off arm. Celeste has the brilliant idea to bribe the thug near her to leave, and when he leaves the other thugs follow him out.

The thugs drop a note as they are leaving. The note says, “Stop the investigation into the death of ”/campaign/la-bon-vie/wikis/gerard-millon" class=“wiki-page-link”> Gerard Millon, P.D.". The note is on fairly ordinary paper, and the handwriting is fairly nice.

The crew all go to the Gendarmerie to see if they can learn more about Gerard Millon and to patch up Phillipe’s arm. The front desk is finally calmed down, and Phillipe gives Jean-Pierre money to buy a drink. Jean-Pierre tells Phillipe to check in with Captain Sabat. When Phillipe goes into the Captains office, the captain asks for an update on the case. Phillipe tells him everything, including about the note and the initials on it. After he is done there he goes down to record and has to deal with Juliette Galle, the older lady in charge of records. After attempting to make his day a little less pleasant, she eventually finds a record for Gerard Millon. He was arrested by Guillaume Carriveau for public intoxication. The victims address is 1427 Rue Charlemagne.

Around noon, the crew heads out toward the victims house, arriving around 12:30. When they arrive they discover that the door is locked. Gene begins looking around for stuff she can use to pick the lock, while Phillipe and Joscelin discuss how to kick down the door. While the three argue about the best way into the victims apartment, Celeste takes the key they found on the victims body and unlocks the door.

They go in to find a disaster area of a studio apartment. The apartment is surly that of a bachelor. They search around for a while and find the victim’s journal. End Session Two.


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