La Bon Vie

Game is Afoot, part 5

Celeste's father enters.... Oh God

While Joscelin is busy with Baldie, Phillipe and Gene see one of the skinny Lorettes from the area starting to make a break away. Phillipe is trying to get the situation under control and asks Gene to follow the girl. Gene follows her as she sneaks down the backstreets toward her goal, but when the Lorette spots Gene she takes off. Gene tries to give pursuit, by the girl manages to lose her.

Joscelin declares that he has clothing stashes all over the city for events such as this and proceeds to get dressed. He slings Baldie up over his shoulder and tries his best to sneak back holding an unconscious person.

In the meantime, Celeste’s father enters,-comes-, knocks at the door and asks for audience. He asks her how things are going, and they talk about Phillipe and the investigation. He asks her why the Duke invited her over for dinner, and seems quite upset. Celeste tells her father the whole story about the Duke’s diner. The Marquis tells her to send Joscelin to him when she see’s him.

Back on the Rue d’Alembert, Joscelin is arriving back at the park with Baldie over his shoulder. He attempts to get Phillipe and Gene’s attention, but manages to alert everyone around to his presence. They see another girl try to get away, so Joscelin drops Baldie and chases after the lorette. He manages to keep himself hidden and watches her walk into the back door of Dumond Tavern. He turns around and heads back to the group.

While Joscelin follows the lorette, Gene goes over to investigate Baldie. She finds that he is dressed in nice new fitted clothing, and he has a big pocket full of money. On his finger is a rings with a large D on the side of it, and a bright red stone.

As they investigate, Baldie comes to his senses. He begins to thrash around a bit, but then he just stretches and rips his way right through the ropes he is bonded with. He throws himself a Gene’s feet, but misses. Joscelin comes over to hold him down, but gets pushed off. Phillipe comes at him with his truncheon, but misses.

Two guys come running from the direction of the Tavern. The first is dressed in all black, has a goatee, and is carrying a rapier. The other one is younger then Baldie or Goatee, and he looks tough. He just looks like one of those people who know how to take a beating. They yell out,“What are you doing to our brother!” Their skin suddenly becomes more pale, and their eyes lighten up to a nearly luminous grey. (sorry, gave wrong description during play, this is correct)With inhuman speed the two brothers zip over to where Baldie is and help him up.

End session 5

End Part 5



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