La Bon Vie

Game is Afoot, part 6

Locked in the Basement

Baldie informs his brother that the group has an animal with them. Jocelin retorts, “The same could be said about you!”, and promptly turns into a rather large wolverine. Gene and Phillipe are both throw off for a moment but recover quickly.

Gene starts pushing Baldie’s buttons, insulting his manliness and taking advantage of the fact that he is still Seeing Red. This succeeds in making Baldie Extremely Focused on Gene. Phillipe uses his distracted state and the Low Lighting in the area to make his attack. Unfortunately Baldie is Built Like A Bear and shrugs off Phillipe’s attack.

Goatee faces off with Joscelin in beast form. Joscelin is Not Easily Impressed but Goatee still does his Sword Fighting with Style and Grace causing Joscelin to begin Dodging Sword Strokes.
While Joscelin is trying to avoid losing anything vital, the youngest brother sneaks up behind and hits him with a rather large stick. Joscelin gets the wind knocked out of him a bit.

Baldie is still focused in on Gene, and he comes after her blindly. She successfully blocks with her rapier and turns the attack against him. He takes a good hit and staggers back a bit.

Joscelin rushes at goatee, he can’t get out of the way quick enough and gets knocked Ass Over Teakettle.

Phillipe tries to get Baldie with his truncheon again, but Baldie is easily able to dodge out of the way.

Goatee uses his turn to get up.

The younger brother comes after Phillipe and gets him Tied Up Fighting.

Baldie tries to blind swing at Gene again, but Gene is still ready for him. She turns his energy against him and plunges her Sword Into His Shoulder. He’s taken a sever injury and doesn’t seem to be doing too well. Goatee looks concerned and yells out, “Mainard!”

Joscelin notices Baldie swaying on his feet and comes after him. He bum rushes Baldie and knocks him right out. At this point, Phillipe looks over at Goatee and Young’un and says, “We didn’t come here for a fight.”

Goatee asks, “Why did you attack us, come after us on our own home ground? Why did the Wraith’s send you?”

Gene and Phillipe are genuinely confused by this statement, and proceed to explain why they are there. Goatee tells them that they should speak with their father. Goatee and younger brother gather up Mainard and take everyone to the Dumond Tavern. The crew is lead downstairs into a hidden area.

The place seems to be set up to give someone a place to stay for a while. There is plenty of food and water stored in the basement, as well as a simple bed. The brothers escort the group down into the basement, and put their older brother up onto the bed.

The father comes down, dressed in nice but simple clothing. He looks like a fairly well to do merchant. He introduces himself as Pierre Dumond, and introduces his three sons, Mainard(Baldie), Adnot(Goatee), and Gahariet(Youngest brother).

“You must be the young detective Berard that I’ve heard so much about. No doubt the young lady would be Gene Moreau. Any you’re working with a Verreuil. Do you know what the Wraith’s are, to be sending you on their errands like this?”

Pierre explains about vampires for Gene and Phillipe, telling them that there are three major kinds. The Wraith family and the Dumond family are both White Court vampires. Pierre explains that they don’t feed off of blood, but off of emotions. That WCV can easily feed without killing their victims. The victims actually enjoy it. The Wraith’s feed off of lust, and the Dumond’s feed off of despair. Gene proceeds to ask a million questions about vampires, but the rest of the group tell her there will be time for that later.

Pierre tries to convince the group that they should help with the fight against the Wraith family. He explains that during the 100 years war, his family gained the Wraith’s displeasure and were hunted nearly to extinction. Some of them managed to escape, but now Pierre and his boys are all that is left of the Dumond family. Now the Wraith family is spreading their filth and corruption through Paris, trying to even control the top levels of government.

After questioning Pierre, the group ask for some time to confer among themselves. Pierre agrees, but only on the condition that the Verreuil be tied up. After arguing for a moment, they agree to allow Joscelin to be tied up.

The group begins to discuss their options.
End session 6



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