La Bon Vie

Game is Afoot, part 7

Time for a choice

The group has a long discussion about Joscelin’s loyalties. They also discuss the facts that they have just learned. Joscelin finally begins to answer Gene and Phillipe’s questions truthfully. They discuss their options and how they feel about the Wraiths and the Dumonds.

Eventually Pierre Dumond comes back in. He starts to question the group, but when Joscelin opens his mouth Pierre comes over and kicks over his chair. He puts his foot down on Joscelin’s neck and asks Joscelin why he should trust him. Joscelin replies that he should not.

After a lot of discussion and convincing by Joscelin, Pierre decides that the PCs won’t tell the Wraiths about him. As a potential solution to the problem, Pierre offers the PCs the killer to turn into the police. This will appease everyone involved and allow the Dumonds to continue to build their own power base in the city. The PCs have decided not to side with either of the families at this point.

I need to get my description of the prisoner to put here, I can’t remember anything past he was barely alive.

End of Story One – PC’s each awarded with one skill point. First Additional Skill Points



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