La Bon Vie

Game is Afoot pt. 3

Dinner Party

After a through search of Gerard Millon‘s apartment, the party found the Journal of Gerard Millon. After a read through, Gene isn’t sure she trusts Gerard’s observation of Olivia’s transformation. Joscelin Verreuil also seems to know more about what’s going on then he is letting on, but that is par for the course.

The group decides to head down to the Rue de Felicite to talk to Oncle and Taunte. When they arrive, Taunte is around, but they don’t see any girls working the street. As Taunte explains that people have been coming by and threatening the girls if they didn’t stop working, Oncle comes up and has recently taken a beating. He explains that he held his ground against the guys that had been threatening people. Taunte tells the group that some of the girls are staying at Saint Roch to wait out the trouble and see if they can stay. Quite a few girls around the city, not just from the Rue de Felicite, have also left Paris entirely. Oncle and Taunte are also aware of rumors that some skinny, cheap looking girls have started working down at the Rue d’Alembert.

As the party starts out toward the Rue d’Alembert, they are soon intercepted by a messenger. The messenger delivers them an invitation to a formal diner with the Duke Chretien Wraith, drinks served at 6:30. Celeste gets quite excited about the opportunity to dress up her new potential boyfriend, and the group immediately goes to the nearby market district to buy some new clothing.

Where as Celeste, Gene, and Joscelin are able to quickly find clothing they like to wear to the dinner, they all delight in taking extra time making Phillipe constantly change clothes until they find an outfit they can all agree on. They have the clothing sent to the Chateau Wraith to wait for their arrival. (Celeste’s resources are so superb (get it, meta-game joke!) that the clothes shops drop everything else for her business)

Joscelin and Celeste go back to Celeste’s house to give Phillipe a basic course in manners and fine dining etiquette. This does not go very well.

In the meantime, Gene goes to get preliminary observations on the Rue d’Alembert situation. When she gets there she finds a nice place to hide and watch the goings on. What she notices is that the girls don’t seem to be charging more for their services, which strikes her as suspicious. These girls have a corner on the market and she believes that if this was about money, they could charge a lot more. The girls also aren’t behaving in any strange ways. They act like normal Lorettes even if desperate a bit. She also notices that the girls are bringing their money to a big, bald guy that is sitting nearby. She then has to leave to make dinner on time.

During drinks the party meets the Duke’s family. His wife Adelle, two of his daughters, Olivia and , as well as ‘s husband and two children. The Duke explains that his other daughter is away in London currently. As the assembled group sip’s on their drinks, the duke starts chit-chat with the party. He first addresses Celeste and Joscelin, as she is a member of the extended family and he is part of the family staff. After talking to them about life in the manor, he turns to Phillipe and starts to ask him about his current case. With very little prompting, Phillipe begins to tell the Lord of the White Court every thing he knows about the investigation. Fortunately Phillipe knew nothing about the details of Gene’s earlier adventure. The rest of the conversation continued pleasantly, with the Duke showing a lot of interest in Gene’s criminology work, and Gene showing a lot of interest in the Duke. “You have such a beautiful… mind.”
end pt. 3



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