La Bon Vie

Game is Afoot pt. 4

The Poor Side of Town

After finishing dinner and having post dinner drinks at the Chateau Wraith, the party heads out to investigate the bald guy that Gene saw at the Rue d’Alembert earlier in the night. Seeing as it is 8:30 PM and they are going to potential danger, the group first decides to drop Celeste off at her house.

When Celeste arrives at home she is soon visited by her brother Nicolas who warns her that their family is more then it appears. If she should encounter something strange and beyond belief, she should trust her eyes and believe the impossible. The warning is cryptic, but Celeste knows that Nicolas is already saying much more then he should. Nicolas did at least warn her that Duke Chretien Wraith was the one who put Phillipe Berard on the case.

In the meantime Phillipe, Joscelin, and Gene all head to the Rue d’Alembert to find the bald pimp from Gene’s earlier trip. When they get down to the area where the girls were, they see the same bald guy sitting in the park collecting the money.

Phillipe decides to take the offensive. He comes in shouting at the guy, asking him where his permit is. Shaken up a bit, Baldie tries to get up in Phillipe’s face and back him down and Phillipe shakes him off. Gene takes a good look at Baldie and determines that he has no weapons on him. She ensure that Phillipe and Joscelin know that the perp is unarmed. Jocelin takes up a position behind Phillipe, ensuring that the perp knows Where Danger Is.

Phillipe uses this to his advantage, as well as the fact that he is alway an Unwelcome Visitor to keep on the offensive about the permit. Baldie is beginning to look a bit stressed out. He steps back into Phillipe’s face, raising to his full height and tensing up for the hit. Phillipe becomes Visibly Scared.

Gene has been studying the ruffian for a while and comes to the realization that he is Physically Abusive. She makes sure that Joscelin knows, understanding that this will cause the inner bodyguard in Joscelin to rage.

Her plan works perfectly. Joscelin’s stance becomes much more agressive, causing Baldie to start Seeing Red. Phillipe sees the perfect opportunity to switch gears, and goes directly to Good Cop. He comes up to Baldie apologetically, explaining that he is just trying to do his job, and he knows that Baldie is just trying to do his. He apologizes again for the problem and the inconvenience, then telling Baldie that he will come back tomorrow, just make sure he has his permit before then.

Baldie buy in. When it looks like Phillipe and crew are heading off, Baldie starts to head toward his bosses to report the trouble.

Joscelin is keeping a watchful eye. When Baldie dips out of sight, he motions for the two of them to wait for him, and he tracks off to follow Baldie. Unfortunately, the drinks at Chateau Wraith caught up to Joscelin, because Baldie got a sense of him and started moving in another direction.

Joscelin uses the chance away from everyone else to turn into animal form and track Baldie. He takes off after Baldie, but gets moving a little too fast and is spotted. Baldie doesn’t know what to make of the rather large wolverine following him, but he keeps moving like the animal isn’t there. Once he has gotten over a couple of streets, he once again notices the wolverine following him, and decides to give it a good kick.

When he comes in, Joscelin tries to jump out of the way and escape. Baldie is able to block Joscelin in, and then come in and grab the wolverine in front of him, getting it In His Grasp. Once Joscelin is in close he uses it to his advantage. He twists his body weight, forcing Baldie’s head to impact violently with the ground, knocking him out.

Jocelin now has a choice. He could reveal to Phillipe and Gene that he is a were-wolverine as an explanation for his nakedness. He can wait for the pimp to wake up, and question him on his own. Or he can wait for the pimp to wake up, then attempt to follow him again. There are also other possible courses of action that could be determined. End session 4.



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