La Bon Vie

The Game is Afoot

Pilot Episode

June 1, 1750

On a beautiful wednesday morning, Phillipe Berard gets up for another day at work. When he arrives he discovers pandemonium, the lobby is packed with rich people who are yelling at the poor clerk, Jean-Pierre Evard. Jean-Pierre informs Phillipe that Captain Sabat needs too speak with him now.

Phillipe arrives in the Captain’s office and immediately gets laid into. The Captain is pissed and he is taking it out on Phillipe. It seems that a body has been found on the Rue Charlemagne and the elite are not very happy about the idea of vagabonds in their neighborhood. The Captain has decided that Phillipe is getting the case, and that he is also willing to pay Genevieve “Gene” Moreau if she would be willing to come help in the investigation.

Phillipe arrives at Le Procope to find Gene. When he gets there, Gene is busy in a spirited discussion with a so called intellectual about the properties of electricity. When Phillipe finally interrupts the discussion, the man looks quite relieved to have Gene’s attention elsewhere. When he tells her of the mystery to be solved, she becomes quite interested and heads off with him.

In the meantime, at the house of Celeste Wraith, the young Wraith lady looks out her window at the commotion going on at the Rue Charlemagne and wonders what’s happening. Her friend and protector, Joscelin Verreuil, suggests that they might want to go and check it out. They might see the inspector that she has taken a liking to there.

When Gene and Phillipe arrive at the crime scene, in an alley leading off the Rue, they see the richest rabble that anyone has ever seen. Even the rich folks want to come get a look at the murder scene, it’s free entertainment. Holding the rabble from the crime-scene are three officers. The officers recognize Phillipe and let him and Gene in to investigate.

Over the course of their investigation, they discover a few things. There are only tracks for two men, the first came in and found a hiding spot from the Rue Charlemagne side. The second came in from the other direction, when it came up to the first spot the man hiding ambushed the victim and slit his throat. The body is dressed in nicer clothing, but the clothing isn’t fitted, suggesting that it was purchased second hand. The clothing also seems gaudy. The victim is also wearing costume jewelry. The victim is carrying a well used sword and dagger, as well as a key and 200 gold coins. On further inspection, they realize the man has beaten and banged up hands like a fighter, but his face doesn’t look like it has seen nearly as much action as his hands. The victim has no type of identification.

Phillipe tries to speak with the crowd while Gene investigates the crime scene. The rich crowd doesn’t like the inspector very much and begin berating him. While they are verbally assaulting Phillipe, young Celeste Wraith show up and makes the people feel bad for not helping the officer with his investigation. As a result, some of the crowd become willing to talk to Phillipe and tell him that the vicim had been seen before around the neighborhood and around the market with different pretty girls. Celeste draws a picture of the victim for the investigators to use.

Phillipe goes off to check with his contacts to learn what he can about the victim. While he checks in with his contacts, the rest of the crew go to the market to do the same thing. They are all able to quickly and separately discover that the victim is a pimp named Gerard. Celeste, Gene, and Joscelin all run into Phillipe at the market and compare notes.

As they go to leave the market, they are jumped by three thugs. The head thug tells them to back off their investigation. (End of Session One during battle)During the ensuing battle Phillipe is able to bloody one of the thug’s noses, but one of the thugs is able to score a hit on his off arm. Celeste has the brilliant idea to bribe the thug near her to leave, and when he leaves the other thugs follow him out.

The thugs drop a note as they are leaving. The note says, “Stop the investigation into the death of ”/campaign/la-bon-vie/wikis/gerard-millon" class=“wiki-page-link”> Gerard Millon, P.D.". The note is on fairly ordinary paper, and the handwriting is fairly nice.

The crew all go to the Gendarmerie to see if they can learn more about Gerard Millon and to patch up Phillipe’s arm. The front desk is finally calmed down, and Phillipe gives Jean-Pierre money to buy a drink. Jean-Pierre tells Phillipe to check in with Captain Sabat. When Phillipe goes into the Captains office, the captain asks for an update on the case. Phillipe tells him everything, including about the note and the initials on it. After he is done there he goes down to record and has to deal with Juliette Galle, the older lady in charge of records. After attempting to make his day a little less pleasant, she eventually finds a record for Gerard Millon. He was arrested by Guillaume Carriveau for public intoxication. The victims address is 1427 Rue Charlemagne.

Around noon, the crew heads out toward the victims house, arriving around 12:30. When they arrive they discover that the door is locked. Gene begins looking around for stuff she can use to pick the lock, while Phillipe and Joscelin discuss how to kick down the door. While the three argue about the best way into the victims apartment, Celeste takes the key they found on the victims body and unlocks the door.

They go in to find a disaster area of a studio apartment. The apartment is surly that of a bachelor. They search around for a while and find the victim’s journal. End Session Two.



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