La Bon Vie

What We Seem, pt. 2

"Nate is a supercillious douche"

The Q&A with Nathanial Hawtry continues. He tells them about the generals of magic circles and how anyone can do them. By making a circle and willing it closed with a touch of blood, the person can protect themselves from magic and magical creatures. If, however, Joscelin were to get trapped in one while changed, he would change back to human and couldn’t change back until getting out of the circle or breaking the circle.

Anything capable of will can break a circle by an act of will. An insect flying through the circle at an inopportune time could prove costly, but circles can’t be beat as a way to trap magical creatures.

Be careful of any kind of bodily sample. Your blood and hair can be used against you.

Gene, Phillipe, Celeste, and Joscelin all try to ask Nathanial questions but he blows their questions off. When Gene says she can handle herself, Nathanial responds that he hasn’t seen that for himself. When the group want to help go look into the magical side of things, Nathanial dismisses them and sends them to look into the mundane clues.

Around 10:15 Nathanial heads off to talk to his contacts around the city. Phillipe decides to do the same. That keeps him occupied until 1:30 in the morning, at which point he goes home and goes to bed.

10:30 – Joscelin finds the scent of the sorcerer and is able to follow it most of the way back to the road before it gets lost is a jumble of smells.

10:45 – Head back to the gala at Chateau Wraith.

11:00 – Get back to party. Joscelin tells his father Andre Verreuil about everything that they learned. Andre hears their tale and then backs up Nathanial, saying that Nathanial owes him a large favor anyway and that they can trust him to get their backs. Andre also explains what little he knows about wizards. Which is only what he has ever been able to pry out of Nathanial. He does know that they have unusually long lifespans, that most of them tend to carry some kind of focus item that they use to help control their magic, and that for some reason their presence seems to screw up reactions and processes. Milk curdles around strong magic, their presence could also short out one of Gene’s Layden jars.

end second session



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