La Bon Vie

What We Seem, pt. 3

Ransom Letter

Over the course of the night, Gene hooks Leyden jars together, wrapping them up individually in leather, to form crude batteries that she can use, along with this idea Ben Franklin gave her called a filament, to make a light to detect wizards.

Celeste and Joscelin go back to the Verreuil family camp at Cours La Reine for the night.

Phillipe goes home for the evening, but gets an early start the next day. He stops in at the Gendarmerie to tell Jean-Pierre to let him know if anything strange happens around the city. He then heads to the Verreuil camp to meet up with everyone else.

Before Gene or Phillipe can arrive at the camp, an urchin boy by the name of Michel arrives bearing a ransom note. The note demands that a member of the Verreuil family bring 10,000 gold coins to a chapel north of the city at midnight. That person should come alone if they ever want to see the kid again.

Joscelin and Celeste quickly bribe Michel to stay around for a few minutes, and just about the time they finish reading the letter, Phillipe and Gene arrive. They feed Michel and listen to her tale.

She weaves a tale of being woken up by a sound coming from near their camp in the sewers. When he went to investigate, he heard a voice tell him not to come any closer. The voice offered him money to deliver a letter to the Verreil family at Cours la Reine. Michel quickly came around the corner to get the letter and the money, but saw no traces of anyone around.

The crew ask to come and see Michel’s camp. Michel agrees as long as they will buy some food for the other homeless kids.

7:45 AM – Follow Michel to her hideout in the Felicite Sewers, stopping in the market district to pick up some food first. While everyone else goes to get food, Gene heads to Le Procope to go see Aubert Martineau, a local expert on handwriting. The expert believes the writing to belong to a male from the Parisian countryside.

While in the market, Joscelin notices a glass shop

8:10 – Meet back at the cafe and head to glass shop

8:15 – Monceaux Verrerie – Run by Heloise Monceaux and her husband Tristan. They have jars just like the one found at the ritual scene. Conversation reveals that a slightly overweight, well dressed gentleman in a wig recently purchased several of these jars.

8:35 – Arrive in the Felicite Sewers, but find nothing of importance.

8:50 – Leave for Delphine’s

9:10 – Arrive at Delphine’s

End session three



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