Cardinal Latourelle

Head of the Paris Arch-Dioceses


Latourelle is a pompous windbag. He is completely comfortable with things exactly the way they are. Life for Cardinal Latourelle is as easy as it gets. The man sits back and lets all the priests do the actual work while he just tells them what they are doing wrong. Once a month the church makes him lead a High Mass, but even then all he does is the Latin parts, the junior priests do everything else. If anyone displeases him, he just tells them they are on the path to hell. The only way off is a large cash donation.

Theme: La Bon Vie

HC: Head of the Arch-Dioceses

Motivation: Status Quo

Relationships: King Louis XV, The King needs God’s approval
Pere Julian Riendeax, The Cardinal keeps close track of his priests. Especially ones who make him look good.
Duke Chretien Wraith, The White Court can’t ignore anyone this self important.

Cardinal Latourelle

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