Celeste Wraith

Curious White Court Virgin


HC: Curious White Court Virgin
Trouble: Waiting for true love

I Hate Being the Marquis Daughter.
Curious-er and Curious-er.
Oh, Wow! I’m a Rebel!
I Can Be Brave and Daring Too.
Tired of My Families Secrets.

Great(4):Resources, Scholarship
3): Alertness, Presence
Fair(2): Discipline, Performance, Empathy, Investigation
1):Conviction, Deceit, Lore, Horseback Riding

Supernatural Powers:
Emotional Vampire
Incite Emotion

Lush Lifestyle
Capable Researcher
Personal Magnetism
The Weight of Reputation

Adjusted Refresh: 3


The daughter of a White Court Vampire, she was born into France’s nobility and then kept away from the world in her parent’s home. As a child she managed to get out of the house for a while and meet a peasant child. She was absolutely taken by the differences in their lives and it upset her. As she grew older she discovered more and more secrets were being kept by her family. Recently she met a detective named Phillipe Berard who she really likes. Her family is encouraging her to get out more and to spend some time with this young police inspector, mostly in the hope that she will eat him and find her true heritage. She is protected by Joscelin Verreuil and has become friends with Phillipe’s sometimes partner Gene Moreau

Celeste Wraith

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