Duke Chretien Wraith

Head of the White Court


All the women want him, and all the men wish they were him. Duke Chretien Wraith rules France. His sister, Madame de Pompadour, has made her way in as the King’s mistress. Duke Wraith controls everything and no one can tell. He is a master of the White Court, manipulating everything from behind the scenes. He has even managed to convince the noble elite that monsters don’t exist.

Theme: Balance is Shifting

Face of: Chateau Wraith

HC: Head of the White Court

Motivation: To rule from the shadows

King Louis XV, because it’s good to own the King
Madame de Pompadour, the Duke’s sister and the King’s lover
Cardinal Latourelle, Influence, influence, influence…
Captain Olivier Sabat, have to have a man in the police, might as well be at the top
Andre Verreuil, head of staff at Chateau Wraith

Duke Chretien Wraith

La Bon Vie Kowandz