King Louis XV


“It’s good to be the King!” – Louis XVI in History of the World, Part 1

Louis XV really got the good to be the king thing rolling. He took France into a period where the average peasantry said that things weren’t fair at all. While the average person toiled away in order to live from day to day, the aristocracy just partied out. The attitude just kept growing until it eventually led to the French Revolution.

It’s hard to be a good king when the king of all sexual predators, Duke Chretien Wraith, has set his sister Madame de Pompadour to be the Kings official Mistress. Louis XV is quite addicted to his new lover, and hangs on every word she says.

Theme: La Bon Vie

Face of: Versailles

HC: King of France

Motivation: Money/Sex/Fun

with these relationships:
Madame de Pompadour, the Kings official Mistress
Cardinal Latourelle, Need God’s approval
Duke Chretien Wraith, The king needs a little controlling
Captain Olivier Sabat, The Chief of Police is a political job

King Louis XV

La Bon Vie Kowandz