Madame de Pompadour

The King's White Court Mistress


Life is all about power and control. The best way to hold onto power is to make sure no one knows you have it. This is what Mme. de Pompadour and her brother Duke Chretien Wraith have obtained. They are the true rulers of France, controlling not only the King, but nearly anyone in Paris that hold sway and influence over the minds of others. One of the tools used to obtain this control is the Salon d’Hercule, a place for “intellectuals” to come and talk about the big ideas of the day, such as, “Did you see her shoes?”. To bad that the Wraith family is just as likely to forget about the peasantry as anyone else in the aristocracy.

Theme: Balance is Shifting

Face of: Salon d’Hercule

HC: The King’s White Court Mistress

Motivation: Control the King

Relationships: King Louis XV, her food and lover.
Duke Chretien Wraith, her brother, leader of the White Court
Cardinal Latourelle, has too much influence to not be controlled
Voltaire, Voltaire sees what Mme. is doing with her Salon. He is all about truth and sharing knowledge, while she seems to be about secrets and hiding truth. He’s trying to smarten them up while she tries to dumb them down.

Madame de Pompadour

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