Maurice Ladoux

The Old Gravekeeper


Maurice is an old man who loves his job. Most everyone thinks he’s crazy, but he is just where he wants to be. He has a little shack at the edge of the graveyard, and he keeps the graves as clean as he can. He isn’t very happy about the stacked bodies in the graveyard, but there isn’t space for everyone to have their own plot. Mostly, Maurice is glad to be away from the people partying their lives away.

Theme: La Bon Vie (the escape from)

Face of: Cemetery of the Innocents

High Concept: Old Gravekeeper

Motivation: Escape from La Bon Vie

Pere Julian Riendeax, Maurice works at the graveyard for the peasantry. Pere Riendeax is the priest for a large amount of the funerals that happen here

Maurice Ladoux

La Bon Vie Kowandz