Leader of the Urchins


Michel has had a very hard life. The daughter of one of the Lorettes, she has never had a proper place to live. Fortunately, her mother had the good sense to bring her up as a boy. She told everyone she was a boy. She told Michel why when she was old enough to understand. As long as everyone thinks Michel is a boy, no one will try to put her out on the street working. Her mother disappeared one night while working, this being all too common an aspect of daily life for people in this position. Michel found Oncle and Content Not Found: taunt down at the Rue de Felicite, they showed her a safe place she could sleep. Michel now finds other lost and homeless kids around the city, and brings them back to her little hideout in the sewers by the Rue. Everyone who makes their fate at the Rue try to look out for each other and help each other survive. No one else is going to.

Theme: City with Two Faces

Face of: Felicite Sewers

High Concept: Urchin Leader with a Secret

Motivation: survive, save other kids, hide her gender

Oncle and Taunte, He was homeless, she was a Lorette. They want to take care of their own. Taunt has guessed Michel’s secret.
Soeur Riendeax, The good sister is on the streets whenever she can, trying to save people from monsters.


La Bon Vie Kowandz