Protector of the City's Forgotten


Oncle has lived a tough life out on the streets. Fortunately for Oncle, things don’t always work out so bad. He involved himself in a few questionable things in his time, but somehow wound up the better of them. He knew Taunte as one of the Lorettes, and they had always gotten along famously. When he came into a little money, the two of them moved in together in a place right off the Rue de Felicite. They now put their time and effort into protecting the Lorettes and the Urchins. The kids and the girls don’t even know their real names, everyone just calls them Oncle and Taunte because they protect and take care of them. The girls on the Rue also are the only girls in the city that work for themselves. Oncle and Taunte don’t tolerate any pimps bothering the girls there.

Theme: City with Two Faces

HC: Protector of the Forgotten

Motivation: Protect others that are stuck in a bad situation.

Michel, a kid they took in from the streets, and showed a safe place to stay nearby.
Pere Julian Riendeax, the Pere is one of the good guys, out working the streets trying to help the needy. The Pere approves of the way Oncle and Taunte help the girls, but world prefer to get them off the street entirely.
Soeur Marie Dominique Riendeax, same as her brother


La Bon Vie Kowandz