Pere Julian Riendeax

Priest of Saint Roch


Pere Riendeax is a genuine good guy. The man joined the clergy in order to save people, physically and spiritually. Where the Pere doesn’t always agree with the decisions and ideas supported by his superiors, he tries to keep himself faithful to the Church itself, and to what he feels God wants him to do. His sister, Soeur Marie Dominique Riendeax also works at his church as a nun.


HC: Head Priest of Saint Roch

Motivation: Altruism

Soeur Marie Dominique Riendeax, his sister
Cardinal Latourelle, the Pere’s local superior
Oncle and Taunte, the Pere tries to help them help others
Michel, the Pere also likes working with her
Andre Verreuil,

Pere Julian Riendeax

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