Soeur Marie Dominique Riendeax

Crusader Nun


Soeur Riendeax comes from a very devout family. Her older brother entered the priesthood and inspired her to become a nun herself. The two of them work together at Saint Roch helping to tend to the people of the city. Pere Riendeax, her brother, has a more subtle approach to saving people. He goes about it one good deed at a time. Soeur Riendeax, while she still help where needed, takes a more direct approach to saving people. Everyone knows there are monsters out there in to world that can get you at any time. People all over the city know someone or another that has disappeared over the years. The Soeur has found people who are willing to go out and fight back against the darkness. This group, called the Crusaders, will take anyone who can and is willing to fight against the darkness. She has all the best intentions.

Theme: Balance is Shifting

Face of: Saint Roch Basement

HC: Crusader Nun

Motivation: Fight the darkness

Pere Julian Riendeax, her brother.
Michel, is on the front lines, where the monsters eat
Oncle and Taunte, also where the monsters eat.
Captain Olivier Sabat, adversarial, She doesn’t approve of the way he does his job. She always tries to go through the proper channels before she sends crusaders

Soeur Marie Dominique Riendeax

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