Felicite Den Mom


Life in 18th century France was a very difficult thing for people not born into the aristocracy. Taunte grew up in an extremely poor household, where even putting food on the table was a difficult chore some days. Poor, desperate, starving girls make great fodder for pimps looking to recruit. Taunte was brought into the life of prostitution at the ripe old age of 15. The only thing about her days that kept her going was a guy that she had met. Not a customer, but someone who treated her like a person. He was just a street urchin, but he was one of the only people who cared about her. One day, when they were talking, her pimp saw them and came to chase off the boy. The boy proceeded to thrash the pimp to within an inch of his life. He rescued Taunte from the streets, and the two of them took up protecting the area around the Rue de Felicite. They find girls and try to get them away from their pimps. Then these girls can either quit or work for themselves on the Rue. After they set themselves up, the Lorettes and the Urchins in the area took to calling the pair of them Oncle and Taunte because they were the closest thing to family that they had.

Theme: City with Two Faces

Face of: Rue de Felicite

Motivation: Protect those in a bad situation

Oncle, her husband and savior
Pere Julian Riendeax, he tries to help them where he can
Soeur Marie Dominique Riendeax, wants to protect everyone on the streets from the monsters
Michel, stays in the sewers by the Rue, helps look out around the area


La Bon Vie Kowandz