Tag: Police


  • Captain Olivier Sabat

    The third son of a noble family is generally sent into service as a soldier. Captain Sabat managed to escape from that fate. As a favor to his father, [[:king-louis-xv | King Louis XV]] placed Oliver Sabat into a leadership position with the police. …

  • Jean-Pierre Evard

    One of the only people at the [[Gendarmerie | Gendarmerie]] who likes [[:phillipe-berard | Phillipe Berard]] at all, Jean-Pierre tries to keep Phillipe prepared for [[:captain-olivier-sabat | Captain Olivier Sabat]] no matter what him mood.

  • Juliette Galle

    Juliette Galle is a very sever looking, older woman with grey hair pulled up in a tight bun on the back of her head. This lady worships the ground that her captain walks on and can't stand [[:phillipe-berard | Phillipe Berard]]. She has to do her job, …

  • Guillaume Carriveau

    Arrested the victim of a horrible murder on the [[Rue Charlemagne]] for public intoxication in March of 1750.