Chateau Wraith

The home of the White Court, Chateau Wraith is a veritable stronghold just outside the city limits. Andre Verreuil is the head of staff at Chateau Wraith and his were-wolveriene family makes up a lot of the guard. Members of the family that haven’t been taught the secret of the beast change make up a lot of the other staff. This makes for a nice arrangement between the families. The Verreuils have jobs, places to stay, and someone to help keep their secret. The Wraiths get protection, a loyal group to staff from, and someone to help keep their secret.

The Chateau Wraith is where all the best parties are. The Wraiths throw just about every party in some way, shape, form, or fashion.

Theme: La Bon Vie

Idea: Home of the WC

Aspect: All Parties start Here

Faces: Duke Chretien Wraith, Andre Verreuil

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Chateau Wraith

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