Cours La Reine

The Cours la Reine is a park on the Seine river near the outskirts of town. The park is generally used by the different families of were-creatures near the city. They gather their for practice, exercise, and to meet to discuss the happenings of the day. The cities were-creatures are one of the only groups that know what a White Court Vampire is. They help maintain the vampires secrecy in order to gain some secrecy of their own. Many of the were-creatures are in the employ of the White Court in some form or fashion. The vampires get added protection, and were-creatures get to not be food. Don’t be mistaken though, if the time was ever right the families would strike hard to destroy the vampire menace.

Theme: City with Two Faces

Idea: A place for the were-creatures to be themselves

Aspect: Nature’s Last Stand

Faces: Andre Verreuil

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Cours La Reine

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