The police in Paris aren’t quite the group that everyone goes to when the need help. If a crime has been committed among the commoners, they will look into it if they aren’t busy helping an aristocrat. If an aristocrat needs them while they are looking into commoners crimes, they make time for the aristocrat. If while investigation a crime against a commoner, they discover that the aristocracy is behind it, the police help sweep it under the rug. Not all of the cops are like this, but it is the general culture in the force. The Captain of the Gendarmerie was a privileged kid who got everything handed to him by his parents.

Themes: City with Two Faces – Most of the cops suck, but some don’t
La Bon Vie – The Captain wants in on La Bon Vie

Locations: Gendarmerie

Faces: Captain Olivier Sabat, Dave’s character

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