Journal of Gerard Millon

Journal of Gerard Millon

May 17, 1743
Met a girl today named Olivia, she is absolutely the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Just her presence is enough to get me excited. When she touched my hand it was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt. As she left the shop, she said she would see me again. I wish I were that lucky.

Oct 8, 1743
Olivia asked me to do her a favor today. When I get done with work she wants me to escort two of her female friends while they do some late night business downtown. She told me I was so big and strong that she knew I was just the guy to protect her friends while they were out late. All I can think about is Olivia. I would do just about anything for another kiss.

Oct 9, 1743
I’m not sure what those girls were doing last night. They would talk to any of the guys that came around, sometimes leaving with them for a while. When they would come back, they would hand me some money to watch out for. At the end of the night, when they were ready to go home, they each only took part of the money they gave me. Then they said that Olivia would come by to collect the rest. I can’t wait to see her.

Nov 19, 1743
Quit my day job. This night racket is nice. I get to see Olivia every day, and she lets me keep part of the money the girls make each night. She also introduced me to a couple more girls that I can watch out for. She told me that I needed to look a little nicer, and then took me out shopping for some nice fitted clothing. This is fantastic.

June 23, 1744
Olivia set me up in a nice apartment on the Rue Charlemagne. Never thought I’d live around here. Olivia has been buying herself all kinds of nice stuff lately too. She says she is trying to get out from under her daddy’s wing. If she needs stuff this nice to impress her dad, I wonder how rich he is?
Aug 9, 1747
God! This bitch is always on me for more money now. I have to recruit girls just to keep paying Olivia off. Every day I swear I’m going to tell her off, but then she shows up and my brain shuts off. When she touches me, it’s like little explosions all over my body; I’m putty in her hands. I hate her so much, but I just can’t get enough of her either.

Feb 3, 1750
Some of the girls are disappearing on me. Nothing bad is happening, but they seem to be getting out of town. Some of the other guys I know who do the same thing I do say their girls have been leaving on them too. I have no idea what I’m going to tell Olivia, she is going to be so pissed off.

Feb 4, 1750
That girl has scared the shit out of me for a long time now, but last night took the cake. She went on a rampage when I told her about the girls leaving. For one quick moment her skin went so pale that it was almost shining, and her eyes turned straight black. As quickly as she changed, she changed back and then stormed off out of my apartment.

March 24, 1750
A lot of the other guys that do what I do have been getting out of town lately. Some of the one who are staying told me that two guys came up to them and offered them some money to get out of town. The offer seemed to also generously include their lives. These guys haven’t come to see me yet, but I expect I’ll see them soon. Olivia already herd about what’s happening and warned me that if I left, I’d wish the other guys had got to me first.

March 31, 1750
The two guys came to see me last night. One of them was very large, looked like he could tear me in half. The other guy had dark hair and a long goatee. They were both dressed in old, beat down clothing. They offered me some money to get lost. I told them that my employer was scarier then they were. They suggested that not taking the money could be hazardous to my health. I don’t feel like running, so I’ll just stick it out here.

May 2, 1750
You should see some of the girls out working the streets now. These girls are so skinny; they have no meat on their bones. The guys looking for a girl are hiring them anyway; they are the only girls around. The only two girls left working for me both are beat up anyway, they got jumped by some of the new girls the other day. I need to find a way out.

May 28, 1750
I swear to god that someone is following me. I haven’t seen them, but I can feel them everywhere I go. This has been going on for two days now, and I’m getting a little scared. I’m going to start carrying my sword and dagger around with me just in case. I get the feeling something bad is going to happen soon.

Journal of Gerard Millon

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