White Court of Vampires

The White Court of Vampires, headed by House Wraith, own France. The city of Paris is their playground. One of their number, going by the name of Madame de Pompadour has become the King’s official Mistress. They have had power in France for a while now though, and power breeds complacence.


The City has Two Faces – House Wraith throws all the good parties and all the aristocracy want to be seen at the parties. What no one knows is that a large portion of the house are vampires, feeding off the emotions of the people around them and trying to control things from behind the scenes.

La Bon Vie – The vampires are showing everyone the definition of the good life

Balance is Shifting – This is a start in the time of change

Locations: Chateau Wraith

Faces: Duke Chretien Wraith, Madame de Pompadour

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White Court of Vampires

La Bon Vie Kowandz